Violent Crimes Charges

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Violent crimes are acts that purposefully threaten, inflict, or attempt to threaten physical harm on another person or property. Usually charged as felony crimes, prosecuting attorneys waste no time in aggressively fighting each case in order to inflict the highest levels of punishment possible. If convicted, you may face years in state prison, the loss of your rights and future employment opportunities, and extensive fines on top of having a permanent criminal record.

Violent crimes charges include but are not limited to:

  • Assault
  • Assault with a deadly weapon
  • Battery
  • Domestic Violence

When you have been arrested for a violent crime, the Law Office of Katherine Guillot is here to be your advocate in and out of the courtroom. Representing each client with compassion and honesty, Lafayette criminal defense lawyer Katherine Guillot takes on every case with invaluable commitment and drive. From the day you step into her office, you can feel comfortable and ready to face the court system with confidence.

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Attorney Guillot’s record of success throughout the past ten years speaks for itself. You can have peace of mind that as your defense attorney, she is not afraid to take on any challenge and works tirelessly to achieve the best possible results for you and your case. With your best interests in mind, Attorney Guillot represents each of her clients with the highest ethical standards and most driven pursuit of securing your freedom and rights.

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